Current Available (problematic) solutions are:

Chemical based products (dyeing, thickening…)

  1. Long duration process
  2. Multi-stage process
  3. Permanent Damage to strands
  4. Severe Side effects (allergies, cancer…)

Hot plates of Flat iron

  1. Short lasting results
  2. Inefficient to curly \ frizzy \ wavy hair
  3. Hair weakening \ embrittlement
  4. Split ends

Our Product technology

Our technology creates high temperature micro-environment, by precise controlled steam. It enables to heat hair from root-to-tip, securely

There are 3 major hair treatment applications which we are targeting with our technology:

  1. Straightening
  2. Coloring
  3. Volumizing

Steam is a good carrier of energy and ingredients to the core of the hair and to enhance strand diffusibility

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